On February 13, 2019, the “Onerim - Omirim” meeting with a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, a young artist Renat Elubaev, was in the West Kazakhstan Local History Museum.

The purpose of the meeting: to acquaint guests with the pictures and unusual technologies of drawing by the artist Renat Kilybaevich, to cause the interest of the younger generation to art, to show a master class.

The meeting began with a video about Renate Elubaev, and the opening speech of the event was given to Ramazanov Akzhol Kairbekovich, a representative of the culture department of the West Kazakhstan region. The meeting was attended by Bolat Armat, laureate of the 1st degree of the International Children's and Youth Creative Festival-Competition “Zheti oner”, participants of the ensemble “Murager”, a student of the 10th grade No. 1 of the gymnasium named after Hiuaz Dospanova Beybitali Beybarys. The event continued as an interview, the artist showed his master class to the guests with closed eyes. Guests of the event are artists K.Orazgaliev, K.Madir, etc. made a speech and thanked the artist who came to our region. The event ended with words of gratitude to M. Ersaev, director of the West Kazakhstan Local History Museum.