The regional library for children and youth named after Hamza Esenzhanov held a regional competition for expressive reading of the works of the great poet-educator, philosopher Abay Kunanbayev - " Menin Abayym!". The concus was timed to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the poet. 244 students of city, regional and district schools, gymnasiums, and lyceums took part in the semifinal.

In the final of the contest prizes were distributed as follows: "Grand Prix" - M. Sulimov, grade 10 (Terekty district) and A. Nureyev, grade 10 (school №47). The first place of the competition was awarded to a student of school No. 1 N. Nurlanuly and a student of the regional specialized school for children with visual impairment Zh. Turashev. The second place was awarded to a representative of Kaztalovsky N. Amangalieva and a student of the Lyceum school No. 34.A. Taimanov M. Smanu. The third place of the competition was shared by F. Basarova (Podkhoz schools) And G. Shibintayev (gymnasium school No. 44 named after him. D. Kunaeva), S. Temirkhan (school #48), A. Khayredenov (Kaztalovsky district). A. Azamatov (school No. 6 named after him) was awarded in the nominations.A. Makarenko), M. Gorbaneva (school #9), A. Soldatkina (school #10), E. Kim (school #37), A. Serikova (school-Lyceum #38).A. Moldagulova).